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Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Smiths Group ('the Company’) is committed to achieving excellence in environment, health and safety (EHS) performance.

The Chief Executive has overall responsibility for EHS matters inthe Group and the Group Human Resources Director is responsible for its effective administration and implementation. Strategic direction and performance monitoring is undertaken by the EHS Steering Committee and the EHS Technical Committee which have representation from all Smiths divisions.

The most senior manager in each division has overall responsibility for EHS matters within their business and for implementing organisational arrangements to ensure compliance with this policy.

Smiths employees, at all levels, have a personal responsibility to follow EHS rules and to take due care. They also have a responsibility to warn others if they see potential hazards, either physical or behavioural. Failure to fulfil these responsibilities may lead to disciplinary action.

The Company conducts its business in accordance with the following key EHS principles which are supported by effective management systems:

Commitment to meeting or exceeding all relevant legal and other requirements to which the Company is subject and monitoring performance through periodic assessment.
Continual improvement in EHS performance, including prevention of pollution, hazard reduction and the protection of human health.
Robust training systems to ensure that all persons working for or on behatf of the company are competent to fulfil their EHS responsibilities.
Clearly defined objectives and targets.
Regular assessment of the EHS impacts and interactions of all new and existing business activities, products and services.
Promotion of the efticient use of energy and other resources to minimize environmental impact.
Promotion of the health and wellness of our employees.
Consideration of EHS issues during acquisitions and divestitures.
Selection of competent contractors who commit to comply with Smiths high EHS standards.
Communication with all persons working for or on behalf of the Company and other stakeholders regarding the EHS impacts and objectives of its operations and to seek to engage them in the commitment to continuai improvement.
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