image descriptionIntegrated products are available for a wide variety of applications including RF preselection and LO selection for converters, harmonic rejection and signal leveling in multi-band transmitters and general purpose multi-band signal separation functions. The frequency range for switched filters is as low as 10 MHz and as high as 20 GHz.

The utilization of multiple switch and filter technologies can be combined to address a wide range of requirements and to provide optimized electrical, mechanical, and cost performance for each application. To achieve critical filter performance requirements, Lorch will use combline or interdigital structures for high-Q and lumped element structures for moderate-Q depending on size constraints. Lumped element filters are ideal where small packages are required.

With innovative filter technology and custom packaging, switched filters are an ideal integrated microwave component for the design engineer looking to minimize size and weight. By integrating both filter and switch components we can achieve small size and eliminate transitions between circuit elements. This allows a more optimum impedance match between components and provides passband insertion loss, flatness, and VSWR close to that of individual components in a module. The elimination of interfaces and the use of internal channelization allow optimum rejection and isolation.

Multi-channel switched filter designs are available with profiles as low as 0.3 inches.With minimal size increase additional functions can be incorporated into switch banks. Power dividers or coupled output ports, separate switch inputs and/or outputs, isolators, BIT functions, amplifiers, and attenuators all can be integrated into single package configurations.