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Lorch Microwave is now Smiths Interconnect

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The Lorch GPS pre-amplifier is a modern high performance preamplifier. It incorporates a pair of three pole dielectric filters to select only the desired GPS signals, while rejecting unwanted out-of-band signals. The low noise gain stage maintains the receiver sensitivity to guard against loss of GPS signal, typical specifications are 26 dB gain and 2.0 dB maximum noise figure. The unit is powered by DC applied to the center conductor of the output connector. The pre-amp may also be powered by an external DC bias.

Frequency 1575 MHz (L1)
1227 MHz (L2)
Bandwidth 30 MHz min.
< 2.0 dB
VSWR 1.5:1
Gain 26 dB
DC Power 5-15 V @ 75 mA


VHF Switch Bank
C-Band Diplexer/LNA
X-Band Switch Bank
6-Channel Switched Filter
Low Profile Switch Bank
5-Channel Switched Filter
S-Band Switch Bank
6-Channel Broadband Switch Bank
3-Channel Switched Filter
Switch Bank/By-Pass
2-Channel Switch Bank
Miniature 2-Channel Switch Bank


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