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Specifying Waveguide Filters

Calculating Number of Sections

Cavity Filter Part Number Description

Number of Sections

2. Waveguide Size

3. Center Frequency, MHZ

4. Bandwidth and Code

5. Input Connector

6. Output Connector (if different from Input)

Most Standard Connectors and Flanges Are Available

Bandwidth Designator
3 dB /(blank)
1 dB /A
equi-ripple /R
special /X
Connector Type Designator
Cover Flange C
Choke Flange CK
SMA Female S
SMA Removable SR
K Female K
TK Male KM
Special X
Specifying Waveguide Filters

Calculating Number of Sections
The curves shown indicate the stopband frequencies normalized to the 3 dB bandwidth for filters with 2 to 13 sections. A ratio of stopband frequency to 3 dB bandwidth is used.

The curve given on the right shows a slightly asymmetric frequency response resulting from the circuit used. Other schematics may be utilized to yield different attenuation characteristics (i.e. steeper on the high frequency side of the passband and shallower on the low side).

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WR Series Attenuation Characteristics

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